1. Why Travel Brilliant?  

Because we know Barcelona like the back of our hand and we’ve built a successful business based on the knowledge that we possess. We’re able to use that knowledge to help our clients build great weekends and activities in the city.

2. When should I book?  

Now! This sounds like some sales spiel, but it’s genuinely true. The earlier you book the event, the more likely it is that we can provide everything that you’re looking for on the preferred dates and at the preferred time slots.

3. How do I book?  

Simple, we just require a single deposit of £99 and the weekend will be secure for your entire group.

4. When is payment due?  

The final balance is due 6 weeks before your planned arrival date. If you have stumbled across our site with in 6 weeks of your trip then do not worry, we should still be able to help.

5. Can guests still join after the final balance is paid?  

This is dependent on availability, but we’ll always do our best to add them on. Please be aware that any late additions or amendments to your package will incur an administration fee of £10.

6. Are flights included?  

Flights are not included. We recommend booking them as early as possible, that way you should secure the best deal. Websites such as www.skyscanner.net are a good tool for searching.

7. Are transfers included?  

If you wish to include transfers then we can provide them from the moment you land in Barcelona. Be it from the airport to the city and/or from your accommodation to your activity venue.

8. Is there a minimum group size?  

Day Tours – No

Stag and Hen weekends – Yes. Minimum group size of 8 people. If your group is smaller than this please get in touch, we may still be able to assist in some areas.

Corporate – Yes. Minimum group size of 8 people.

9. Do Travel Brilliant only offer full weekends?  

No, we can arrange activity only weekends, too. However, as we receive preferential rates for everything that we offer, we recommend booking the whole package with us. That way everything is in one place and can be arranged through one person, saving you precious time and hassle.

10. Can I make changes to the plan once it’s booked?  

We allow for unlimited free changes up until 6 weeks prior to your event. Ideally, the sooner the better, that way we have more chance of providing your preferred times and dates. Once inside the 6 weeks a £10 admin fee will apply to any changes made. In all cases the changes are entirely dependent on availability.

11. Are there any hidden costs  

No. As we take full payment before you arrive there will be nothing left to pay to Travel Brilliant in Barcelona.

12. What is city tax?  

Please note – the city of Barcelona charge a tourist tax, starting at 0.72 cents per person per day (price slightly higher if in higher standard of accommodation). This is paid to the accommodation owners, usually on arrival.

13. Is my money secure?  

Yes. Travel Brilliant is an ACAF registered travel agency. To put it simply, it means that all of our clients’ money is legally protected.

14. Why haven’t I booked already?  

It baffles us too. Go ahead!

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